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Grayledge Pump & Industrial is a full service provider of pumps, mixers, tanks, filters and other products serving the general industrial, food, pharmaceutical and laboratory markets. We welcome the opportunity  to serve our customers by providing engineered solutions to meet their process equipment needs.

Grayledge supplies a full line of mixers from laboratory
benchtop mixers to large industrial mixers that can be sized up to 1000 hp and that competes directly with Chemineer & Lightnin. This includes lab mixers with variable speed and various configurations of props, turbine and dispersing blades to top entry, side entry and tank mounted industrial mixers. We supply single and dual props, hydrofoils and turbine blade mixers in our industrial lines. Grayledge also offers mag drive
sealless mixers with no mechanical seal. These units are available in sanitary designs for biotech and pharmaceutical services.

Grayledge offers a full range of industrial centrifugal and positive displacement pumps in a variety of configurations.      

We provide non-metallic as well as Stainless Steel Tanks in a variety of configurations. These include flat bottomed tanks, dished bottom tanks, tanks with mixer mounting and jacketed tanks.

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